Real Estate Accounting

woman_greengrass.jpgFluctuations in market conditions and rising operating costs can be a challenge to real estate companies. Our West Palm Beach CPA firm understands that careful financial management is critical to the success of real estate businesses and is here to help. We provide detailed financial reporting designed to give you a clear picture of your expenses to manage your cash flow better and offer year-round tax planning strategies that save you money on taxes. The benefit of working with a West Palm Beach CPA firm experienced in real estate accounting is that we also offer specialized services for the real estate industry like acquisition due diligence, 1031 exchanges, cost segregation services, tax deferral transactions and more.

At Liz Daniel, CPA we are committed to building long-term relationships with our real estate clients. We work with real estate brokers, agents, investors and property managers throughout the greater West Palm Beach area. 

Accounting for Agents, Property Managers, and Developers

Request a free consultation to discuss the most appropriate and cost-effective real estate accounting services for your business. Liz Daniel, CPA can handle all your real estate accounting needs and put together a comprehensive budget plan to manage cash flow and keep you on track. Call us at 561-246-3723 to get started.